This Monty House: A Knob Story

This Monty House: A Knob Story

A week ago, I found some cute white enamel/rose gold (copper) knobs at World Market. They only had 4 in stock but I decided to just change the knobs on the middle peninsula cabinets. My plan was to use similar knobs on the remaining cabinets. Unbeknownst to me, Chris Montgomery had other ideas.

Fast forward to last weekend, we were headed to Washington, DC for a friend’s wedding. When we started on our trip, Chris began to call stores up and down the eastern seaboard to find additional knobs. Apparently, we needed 22 more knobs to do the rest of the cabinets. He had called the headquarters only to discover that this particular knob was discontinued and the in-store stock was all that was left. I had no idea that he decided to embark on a quest to find the rest. I guess he watched Pokeman as a child.

As per usual, I knocked out as soon as we began our trip. I woke up somewhere around Charlotte to be dragged into the WM there to look for knobs. We found 4. We then proceeded to travel to my aunt’s house in Newport News. A few minutes out, we checked out a WM and discovered 1 more knob.

Outside of DC, we found a store that had 1 knob on display and 1 in the metal rack. Chris proceeded to unscrew the display knob so we had 2 more to add to the collection. Chris was elated because he predicted that we would find 2 there. (roll eyes)

A quick jaunt to the WM at Pentagon City yielded 7 more knobs. Our goal was in sight. In another WM near Arlington, we found 1 more knob.


In Gastonia, North Carolina, we chanced upon a WM and after a quick twirl of the rack we discovered 8 more knobs. It was an Indiana Jones like moment! We decided to get an extra 1 just in case. Chris is now in need of counseling because he lacks direction in his life and a reason to go on.

We got home last night and he changed them all out. He had miscounted so we ended up with 2 extras but those may come in handy. Once we have handles for the middle drawers, the kitchen will be complete….for now. I now know how the California gold miners felt when they panned for gold.


We capped off our great accomplishment by eating celebration cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory in Richmond. Side note: We are also on a quest to eat at every Cheesecake Factory in America. We have lost steam as of late but will renew our commitment in the upcoming year.

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